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oleh Ratna Desy N


The purposes of this study are to analyze the contribution jointly the use of instructional media, education and teaching experience toward teaching skills, the contribution of  the useinstructional media to teaching skills, the contribution of education to teaching  skills and the contribution of teaching experience toward teachers’ teaching skills of state SMK in Pati regency.
The approach of this study is the quantitative approach. It is use to analyze  the influence of independent variables toward the dependent variable. The population of this study is all teachers of state SMK in Pati regency. The sample of the study is 152 teachers. The technique of sampling uses proportional random sampling. The technique of analysis data is the SPSS 16 method.

The results of the study,using simultaneously  hypotheses testing, shows that the use of instructional media, education and teaching experience toward  theachers’teaching skills of state SMK is significant (0.000). The coefficient of determination (r2) is 0.244 or in other words, the variation of dependent variables (teaching skills) 22.4% can be explained by the independent variables (instructional media, education and teaching experience). Partially testing result shows that the use of instructional media has a positive significant effect (0.007) toward the teaching skill, the education has a positive significant effect (.018) toward teaching skill against the teaching skills and teaching experience have a positive influence segnifikan (0.002) to teach skills.
The mostinfluentialvariablesare (1). effectiveteachingexperiencewith a contribution9.11%, (2). effectivelearning mediawith a contribution9.10%, (3). effectivecontribution toeducation by6.15%. Based on the resultsof research,the hypothesis is accepted. The proposedadvices tothe schooland theteachersare, (1). Schoolsneed to considerteacherswithmoreteaching experienceas a resourcein-house training, providing supportforfurther education and training, (2). Schoolsshould also considerprocurement ofinstructional mediaandcontinue to support theteachersin improvingtheir education.(3). Forthe teacher, they should trymorein carrying outthe developmentof them selves,canbe donethroughlessonstudy, educationandtraining.

Keywords: media, education, experience, skills.

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